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Doing your due diligence outlined in this course, you have the unique possibility of landing your very first job in private aviation in 6 weeks or less!

Being an Exclusive Yours Inflight 1-1 Mentorship Student, and doing your due diligence, you can rest assured that you will . . .

  • have a step by step proven process of how to be hired in private aviation as a private flight attendant

  • have a rinse and repeat process,

  • have a valuable skill set to keep propelling you forward in your private aviation career

  • have the confidence in knowing that you are on the right track

  • have daily job notifications of who is currently hiring nationwide (no more guessing!), while knowing how to search for jobs

  • have a community by your side that supports you and cheers you on every step of the way via WhatsApp Chat Group

  • never, ever be alone (unless you want to be and I totally understand that too 😉)

Click the link right now, fill out your boarding pass, and press LETS FLY!

The training is done online via video course, with the exclusive 1-1 mentorship services done via zoom, phone, email, and text.

Currently the Yours Inflight course is 42, step by step lessons, with extensive HW, propelling you forward for dynamite success.

Being an Exclusive Yours Inflight 1-1 Mentorship Student, you have lifetime access to the live platform where there is a v2.0 in the making at this very moment.

I personally will be providing value on a continuing basis to assure success for all members involved that are 100% committed to the process.

⭐Truly believe there is room for success for every human that is 100% committed.⭐

Once you complete payment, you will be directed to a calendar link to schedule our first 1-1 call - as soon as today if you want - where I share with you what private aviation employers are in your hometown, as well as establishing what your goals are, and action steps to take TODAY!

Click the link right now, fill out your boarding pass, and press LETS FLY! 🛫

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Yours Inflight, LLC team are experts at doing this, and will require you to provide some sort of tangible effort and action at all times.

You will have necessary tools to drive success, propel forward and land your dream job. The rest is ultimately up to you.

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